1. Sore Horse / Soar Hoarse

  2. split w/ Scab Addict

  3. split w/ Hellghillies

  4. split w/ Tiresome

  5. split w/ GRVD

  6. split w/ ruiner.

  7. split w/ Koobaatoo Asparagus

  8. split w/ Scorpion Sound Source / Nerve Vitamins

  9. split w/ Cult Of Pythagoras

  10. split w/ Henry Mallard

  11. split w/ Deflowered Cunt

  12. Pizzagate; Co-conspirators And Shadow People

  13. split w/ Dental Work: Straight Banana

  14. split w/ Beachmaster

  15. split w/ Girth

  16. Busy And Leaned

  17. Soar Horse / Double Antiquated

  18. split w/ Dosis Letalis

  19. Split w/ Sete Star Sept

  20. split w/ Crustgirls

  21. split w/ Deather

  22. split w/ Hyperemesis

  23. Peel Sessions

  24. Macromeniamarket

  25. split w/ Waves Crashing Piano Chords

  26. split w/ Cancer Lake

  27. split w/ Bruising Pattern / Cult Of Pythagoras

  28. Ben Durham Is A Coward
    Bullshit Market x Methlab Explosion

  29. split w/ MOYO

  30. split w/ Dan Of Earth

  31. split w/ I Like You Go Home

  32. Deflowered Bullshit's Cunt Market
    Bullshit Market x Deflowered Cunt

  33. Dingus

  34. 6 Way Noise Split Vol. II

  35. split w/ The_Nyhylist

  36. split w/ Monowolf

  37. split w/ Psychotic Sufferance

  38. split w/ Support Unit

  39. split w/ No Life

  40. Them Ashtray Days Demo

  41. split w/ Torturing Nurse

  42. split w/ RUBBISH / Winty / 10564

  43. split w/ Vitamin Seizure

  44. split w/ See Through Buildings

  45. The Second Coming Of Officially Licensed BsM Demos To H8-Track Stereo Intended To Only Be Heard By The Ears Of Sensitive Souls, And We Expect You To Destroy This Tape After Listening

  46. split w/ Sedem Minút Strachu

  47. split w/ Homewood

  48. Bullshit Market x Kearne
    Bullshit Market x Kearne

  49. split w/ Paraplegic Erection

  50. split w/ Critic

  51. split w/ Fancy Feast

  52. split w/ Straight Panic

  53. split w/ Hypnic Jerk

  54. split w/ Black Sheet Servitude

  55. split w/ The Earwigs / Jason Covelli / Redsk / WOLFHOUSE

  56. Michigan City, Indiana EP

  57. split w/ Captain 3 Leg

  58. split w/ Farting Corpse

  59. 2016 Tour split c30 w/ Boar & Eric Witt

  60. Very Humble BsM Demos Exclusively Licensed To H8 Track Stereo With A Contractual Agreement Of Royalties And Proceeds Benefiting Victims' Charities Of Our Choosing, With Patience And Love From Caleb And Patrick, Because We Do Care, And This Is Art...

  61. split w/ Methlab Explosion

  62. split w/ happiness and something psychotic

  63. split w/ Contraktor

  64. split w/ Dagga Naaier

  65. split w/ Gorgonized Dorks / Diddleboro

  66. split w/ N0123NOISE

  67. Day Of Entropy / Emotional Diarrhœa

  68. split w/ House Of The Black Death

  69. split w/ Sean E. Matzus

  70. Art Is Not Necessary

  71. split w/ Spreaders: Pleasure Kill

  72. Tape Collection 1

  73. Tape Collection 2


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