1. Christmas Market

  2. split w/ Beggin For Oxys

  3. Lost Sea Scrolls Noisecore

  4. Bullshit Market / Lawnmower
    Bullshit Market / Lawnmower

  5. Corporate Noisecore Business Card

  6. split w/ Scream Bladder / Dental Work / K9 Hemorrhoids

  7. Bullshit Market / Frataxin
    Bullshit Market / Frataxin

  8. 4-23-18

  9. Collected Bullshit Vol. 2-Vol.9

  10. split w/ Landfill

  11. split w/ Magical Mind

  12. split w/ Ragk

  13. split w/ Death Machine Broke

  14. split w/ Christian Lovers

  15. split w/ Cock E.S.P.

  16. Sonx for Charlie's comp tape

  17. Side B Untitled

  18. split w/ Deflowered Cunt

  19. Pizzagate; Co-conspirators And Shadow People

  20. Busy And Leaned

  21. split w/ Dosis Letalis

  22. Bullshit Market / Vullmoxx
    Bullshit Market / Vullmoxx

  23. split w/ Cuck Dirt

  24. Disleksick / Bullshit Market
    Disleksick / Bullshit Market

  25. split w/ Dick Dunn

  26. Bullshit Market / Lunicy
    Bullshit Market / Lunicy

  27. split w/ Agathocles

  28. split w/ The Formal Nightmare

  29. split w/ Turned Into A Girl

  30. split w/ K9 Hemorrhoids

  31. split w/ Gorgonized Dorks

  32. split w/ Deche-Charge

  33. split w/ Pencil Dick

  34. split w/ ruiner.

  35. split w/ Henry Mallard

  36. split w/ Scumbag Fred

  37. split w/ Craccrocc

  38. split w/ Living Room

  39. Old School Noise vs. New School Noise

  40. split w/ Scab Addict

  41. Sore Horse / Soar Hoarse

  42. split w/ Hyperemesis

  43. Collected Bullshit, Vol. 1

  44. split w/ Crustgirls

  45. Split w/ Sete Star Sept

  46. split w/ $MG

  47. split w/ Tiresome

  48. Soar Horse / Double Antiquated

  49. split w/ Girth

  50. split w/ Skinovchrist / Ragk / Garbage Mask

  51. split w/ Dental Work

  52. split w/ Hellghillies

  53. split w/ Beachmaster

  54. Peel Sessions

  55. Macromeniamarket

  56. split w/ Waves Crashing Piano Chords

  57. split w/ Cancer Lake

  58. split w/ Bruising Pattern / Cult Of Pythagoras

  59. Ben Durham Is A Coward
    Bullshit Market x Methlab Explosion

  60. split w/ MOYO

  61. split w/ Dan Of Earth

  62. split w/ I Like You Go Home

  63. Deflowered Bullshit's Cunt Market
    Bullshit Market x Deflowered Cunt

  64. Dingus

  65. 6 Way Noise Split Vol. II

  66. split w/ The_Nyhylist

  67. split w/ Monowolf

  68. split w/ Psychotic Sufferance

  69. Bullshit Market / Support Unit
    Bullshit Market / Support Unit

  70. split w/ No Life

  71. Them Ashtray Days Demo

  72. split w/ Torturing Nurse

  73. split w/ RUBBISH / Winty / 10564

  74. split w/ Vitamin Seizure

  75. split w/ See Through Buildings

  76. The Second Coming Of Officially Licensed BsM Demos To H8-Track Stereo Intended To Only Be Heard By The Ears Of Sensitive Souls, And We Expect You To Destroy This Tape After Listening

  77. split w/ Sedem Minút Strachu

  78. split w/ Homewood

  79. Bullshit Market x Kearne
    Bullshit Market x Kearne

  80. split w/ Paraplegic Erection

  81. split w/ Critic

  82. split w/ Fancy Feast

  83. split w/ Straight Panic

  84. split w/ Hypnic Jerk

  85. split w/ Black Sheet Servitude

  86. split w/ The Earwigs / Jason Covelli / Redsk / WOLFHOUSE

  87. Michigan City, Indiana EP

  88. split w/ Captain 3 Leg

  89. split w/ Farting Corpse

  90. 2016 Tour split c30 w/ Boar & Eric Witt

  91. Very Humble BsM Demos Exclusively Licensed To H8 Track Stereo With A Contractual Agreement Of Royalties And Proceeds Benefiting Victims' Charities Of Our Choosing, With Patience And Love From Caleb And Patrick, Because We Do Care, And This Is Art...

  92. split w/ Methlab Explosion

  93. split w/ happiness and something psychotic

  94. split w/ Contraktor

  95. split w/ Dagga Naaier

  96. split w/ Gorgonized Dorks / Diddleboro

  97. split w/ N0123NOISE

  98. Day Of Entropy / Emotional Diarrhœa

  99. split w/ House Of The Black Death

  100. split w/ Sean E. Matzus

  101. split w/ Spreaders: Pleasure Kill

  102. Art Is Not Necessary

  103. This Side Only

  104. The Joe Satkowski Mixtape


Bullshit Market Detroit, Michigan

Blurr riffs and nu metal breakdowns with power electronics vocals and cutup interludes/skits. Detroit noisecore from Flint, Japan #puremichigan

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